Aframerindian Slave Narratives
Felix Lindsey, Wichita Falls negro, had the dubious honor of being singled out by Geronimo on one occasion. Felix, who is ninety years old, clearly remembers the meeting, which occurred in 1886. This was shortly before Geronimo surrendered to Gen. Nelson A. Miles. Felix recalled this meeting. "I wasn't as dark as I am now, but kind of red like, and when Geronimo saw me he said, 'You ain't no nigger, you're an Indian.' "'My father may have been an Indian, but I'm a nigger because that's the race of my mother and the race I chose,' I said.
                                                                                                                    Felix Lindsey narrative

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“Thus we observe that relations between Negroes and Indians have been of significance historically, through influencing on occasion the Indian relations of the United States government, and to a much larger extent biologically, through modifying the racial make-up of both the races and even, as some believe, creating a new race which might, perhaps, for want of better term, be called 'Aframerindian.' ”
Kenneth Wiggins Porter, “Notes Supplementary to ‘Relations between Negroes and Indians’ ” in The Journal of Negro History XVIII (January, 1933, Number 1): 321.
Background Image: Koo-suh (John Baldridge) -- Tsalagi Adonisgi -- Fred Barde Collection, Oklahoma Historical Society

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