Native American Freemasons


Cherokee Lodge #21
Chartered November 7, 1848
Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation

Louis Annance
Leader of the Alnombak people of the Abenaki Nation

Nicodemus Bailey
Leader of the Tonawanda-Seneca

Louis Bennett
Track Star

Elias C. Boudinot
Leader of the Southern Cherokee during the Civil War

William Augustus Bowles
Adopted Leader of the Muskogee Confederation
Grandmaster of the Five Nations in 1790

Joseph Brant
Leader of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk)

Samuel Checote
Leader of the Muscogee People

Joseph Clark
Rear Admiral  and War hero

George Copway
Ojibwe Leader and Literary Figure

Crazy Bull
Great Grandson of Sitting Bull

Philip DeLoria
Sioux leader and Episcopal Priest

Vine Deloria
Episcopal Priest and father of Vine DeLoria,Jr.

George Washington Finley
Leader of the United Peoria and Miami Tribe

Sam Gavin
Leader of the Choctaw Nation

Robert Jones
Merchant and Leader among the Choctaw

John Jumper

Leader of the Seminole Nation and Baptist Minister

John Konkapot
Chief of the Mohican Nation and Revolutionary War Hero

Basil La Flore
Leader of the Choctaw Nation

Lewis Deer
Mohawk Performer

Alexander McGillivray
Leader of the Muscogee

Carlos Montezuma
Leader of the Yavapai

Amos Oneroad
Leader of the Sioux and Presbyterian Minister

Arthur C. Parker
Scientist, Scholar and Literary Figure

Ely S. Parker

Peter Pitchlyn
Leader of the Choctaw Nation

Opothle Yahola
Leader of the Muscogee Nation and Civil War Hero

Leader of the Choctaw Nation

Red Jacket
Seneca Leader and leader of Six Nations of the Iroquois

John Ridge
Leader of the Cherokee Nation and Advisor to the Muscogee

Will Rogers
American Humorist and Philathropist

John Ross
Leader of the Cherokee

William P. Ross
Leader of the Cherokee Nation

George W. Stidham
Leader of the Muscogee

N.T. Strong
Leader of the Seneca Nation

Shawnee Leader of Pan Indian religious resistance movement

Charles Tyndall, Jr.
Representative of Omaha Nation to Indian Service Bureau

David Vann
Leader of Cherokee Nation

Stand Watie
Leader of Cherokee Nation and
canonized as the last Confederate General to Surrender

John Wautuquant
Leader of the Mohican

Eleazar Williams
Leader of the League of the Iroquois

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Source for most of the above:
William R. Denslow, Freemasonry and the American Indian,
(St. Louis: Missouri Lodge of Research, 1956).

Note: If you know of any additions or see need for any corrections in citations
or language, please feel free to contact me at pnm3r@virginia.edu