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Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma

Date: none given

Name: Margaret A. Drew (a Cherokee Indian)

Post Office: Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Date of Birth: July 7th, 1881

Place of Birth: Webber Falls, OK

Father: John Taylor Drew Place of Birth: Information on father: His father was John Thompson Drew, conducted a company of Cherokees in 1838. He came from Georgia.

Mother: Mollie Drew, nee McCoy Place of birth: Information on mother:

Field Worker: Frank J. Still (Chauncey O. Moore, Supervisor) Interview:


My father and Richard Fields were partners in a store at Manard Bayou. Grand-father Drew was several times delegate to Washington and a Colonel in the Civil War.

I attended the first public school. Miss Florence WILSON was my teacher. This before the New Seminary was dedicated. I attended the Female Seminary, 1895-96. Miss Wilson was principal. Miss Flora K. SMITH was music teacher.

I attended Presbyterian Mission. C Charles PATTERSON was Principal. Other teachers were Miss Sarah WILLIAMS, Lucy SHAFFER, Miss Marrietta TROTTER was matron, also Miss Hattie ROSS of Tahlequah.

I taught school at Cookson in 1900, later I taught in Westville, Tahlequah and other places. My father and mother taught until they were married in 1876 at Tahlequah. They were attending the teachers institute when they married. He later practiced law. My grandfather lived near his store on Manard Bayou. He is buried near there. He was buried with full Military Honors, a thousand shots were fired over his grave. I visited his old home 5 years ago. The old double log house was still standing, also the four huts where the slaves lived near McClellan Creek. There was a marker on the site.

Rev. Thomas BERTHOLF married my grandfather and grandmother Drew. Her name was Charlotte Gorden SCALES. They were married in Illinois Dist. in August 1845. My father held the highest office, that of Solicitor General of the Cherokees in 1877. He defeated J. A. Scales, his uncle, for the office. Father finished School at Cave Hill, Arkansas, also at McKinzee Texas College.

I have the following pictures: Father - John Taylor Drew Mother - Mattie McCoy Drew Grandfather - John Thompson Drew Grandmother - Charlotte Scales Drew Uncle - J. A. Scales

Transcribed and submitted by Donald L. Sullivan <> 07-2000

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