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Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma


Name: Ebenezer Cutnezer Kemp (Freedman)

Post Office: Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

Date of Birth: 1863

Place of Birth: Old Doxtol in Kiamichi Mountains

Father: John Kemp Place of Birth: Information on father:

Mother: Mleniz Kemp Place of birth: Information on mother:

Field Worker:

"My father and mother came to Indian Territory with the Mississippi Choctaw Indians and Jackson KEMP a white man [Jackson Kemp was part Choctaw & Chickasaw - see notes at end] Jackson Kemp had an Indian wife. He owned my father and mother. I was a small boy when we were freed, but my father told me later about how they did in slave time. My father said after we were freed he farmed for old Master Jackson Kemp until 1870.

I can remember events that took place then, but I do not remember their dates. I know we moved from the Kiamichi Mountains to Blue Creek east of Tishomingo, OK in a wagon pulled by 4 steers. My father went to work for a white man who owned a gin at Cross Roads on Blue Creek east of Tishomingo, OK. We lived there about 2 years then we moved to Cherokee Town, Wynnewood, OK and my father went to farming for Dr. WARNER. This Dr. Warner was the doctor who lived in the Kiamichi Mountains about 5 miles from Master Jackson Kemp who owned my mother and father, and he owned a lot of Negro slaves. After the slaves were freed he came to Cherokee Town and his farm was east of there. His wife was Choctaw Indian."

"I never wore any shoes until I was about 13 years old. I only had shirts made out of striped cloth called, Hicory shirts, they were long like a dress. A white man got me a pair of shoes and a pair of overalls for helping him makes some boards."

[Note: Jackson Kemp was 1/8 Choctaw through his mother Polly Frazier & probably 1/4 Chickasaw through his father Levi Kemp] Vol. 50 - p254

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